Block Digestors BD-40

Equipment : Block Digestor
For micro Kjeldahl digestor.
Designed for use in fume hood.
Remote temperature control box.
For 40 x 100 ml ( 310 x 26 mm tube )
Optional programmable temperature controller.
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General Description
PROTECH BLOCK DIGESTORS ARE AVAILABLE IN TWO MODELS – the micro-Kjeldahl and macro-Kjeldahl digestion systems. The micro-Kjeldahl is a 40 holes block and the macro-Kjeldahl is a sixteen hole block. The PROTECH block digestors are designed to be used in the fume hoods. The temperature controller is connected by an extended cable (6 feet long) to the heating block which is placed inside the fume hood during digestion. The controller and its electronic components thus is protected / keep away from the hostile acid fume generated during digestions in the fume hood. The unit is supplied with an insert rack with heat shield for 40/16 tubes for easy sample handling. A spillage tray is also provided with the standard equipment.

Manufactured by a factory certified to ISO 9001 : 2015
Type Tested to MS IEC 61010-1 : 2006 Standard Electrical Safety Test

Programmable Controller (Optional)
• Simple to programme
• Up to 10 steps
• Inexpensive
• Intended for unattended operation
• Universal usage

Number of holes40
Max. daily sample capacity200
Digestion tube volume100 ml (310 x 26mm tube) 50mm insertion depth
ControllerPID controller
Temperature rangeUp to 440°C
Setting and displayDigital, display to 0.1°C
Over temperature protectionStandard
Safety featureSupplied with ELCB as standard
Power consumption2200 watt, 10A
Temperature stability± 1°C
Dimensions490W x 290H x 345D mm (Digestion block)
345W x 150H x 250D mm (insert rack)345W x 150H x 250D mm (insert rack)
205W x 130H x 240D mm (Control box)205W x 130H x 240D mm (Control box)
Voltage240 VAC, 50Hz, 11.7A
Weight23 kg
10-step programmable temperature controller