Circulating Water Bath 830-P3

Equipment : Circulating Water Bath
Capacity : 20 litres
Temperature working range : 5°C above ambient to 100°C.
Accuracy : ±0.1°C. 
Safety feature : Built-in circuit breaker

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Features & Benefits
• PID controller with auto-tuning to ensure rapid heating, minimum temperature fluctuation and overshoot.
• Push-button operation and LED screen display digitally both the set and actual temperatures to ±0.1°C and can be locked.
• Auto diagnostic system integrated in the controller ensures rapid identification and correction in the event of any error.
• Off-set function for calibration use. Important for ISO/Calibration requirement.
• Back-up system memory protects the set point value in case of power failure.
• Detachable controller – can be used on any suitable size containers.
• With built-in circuit breaker to ensure safe and lasting operation.
• Stirring motor ensures temperature uniformity throughout the bath.
• Manufactured by a factory certified to ISO 9001:2015
• Type tested to MS IEC 61010-1:2006 Standard Electrical Safety Test.


Bath materialPerspex
Temp. working range5°C above ambient temperature to 65°C
Temp. control range0°C to 100°C. Below ambient with external cooler
ControllerPID controller
Setting and displayDigital, read out to 0.1°C
Safety deviceComplete with circuit breaker as standard
Heater960 watt
StirringBy means of built-in circulating pump
Bath capacity28 litres
Bath dimensions (mm)330W x 453D x 188H
Working area (mm)330W x 225D x 188H
Overall dimensions (tank only) (mm)348W x 470D x 215H
Weight8.7 kg
Power source240 VAC, 50Hz, 4A