Cool Water Recirculators 640-DX

Equipment : Cool Water Recirculators 
Cooling capacity : 5274 Kcal/ hr or 18000 BTU/ hr 
Water pressure : up to 145 psi 
Flow rate : 50 litres / minute 
Safety feature : with built-in ELCB
•  Manufactured by a factory certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO13485:2016
•  Type tested to MS IEC 61010-1:2006 Standard Electrical Safety Test

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Protech’s cool water recirculators are specially designed for the adoption to scientific and laboratory instrumentation applications. These units are completely self-contained, consisting of a hermetically sealed refrigeration compressor, a water tank, a water pump and an electronically automated control system for supply of constant cooling water at the required temperature, pressure and flow rate.

Using refrigerated chillers that use water in a closed circuit offer many advantages over free flowing tap water for cooling instruments/machineries.

• There is no need to have a water source and no need for drainage at site. Machine operation is not AFFECTED by water supply.
• There is better temperature and pressure control thus improving operation efficiency.
• There is no scaling problem as compared to using raw water as the cooling medium. Scaling reduce heat transfer and restrict/block the flow in the system.

Ease of installation/ set-up
• Fill the storage tank.
• Connect the power supply.
• Make the hose connection to the equipment

• Save costs
• Increase productivity
• Eliminate scaling
• Increase flexibility
• Conserve resources

Control Panel
• Controller display
• Mains ON/OFF
• Compressor ON/OFF
• Pump failure lamp
• Compressor failure lamp

• NMR and ESR magnets
• Lasers
• SEM’s – TEM’s
• X-Ray diffraction
• Electron microscopes
• E.D.M
• Diffusion pumps
• Condenser cooling
• Power supplies
• Distilling apparatus
• Evaporating apparatus
• Laboratory use
• Welding
• Machining
• Plastic injection molding machines
• Turbo-molecular pumps
• Rotary evaporators
• Hydraulic machining
• Vacuum system

Cooling capacity5274 Kcal/h or 18000 BTU/h
Compressor motor1.12 KW or 1.50 HP
Bath capacity50 litres
Compressor typeFully hermetic
Refrigerant type404a
Controller typeDigital temperature controller
Temperature control range5 to 25°C
Temperature accuracy± 2°C
Chilled water flow rate L/M50 litres/minute
Water pressure145 psi
Pipe size(inlet/outlet)25/25 mm
Overall dimension (mm)670W x 710D x 1025H
Bath dimensions (mm)435W x 220D x 325H
Lid opening area (mm)408W x 200D
Electrical240 VAC, 50Hz, 8.6A
Weight114 kg