Filter Chemical Storage Cabinet CSC-91000F

Equipment : Chemstore Filter Storage Cabinet. Single Door 
Constructed of heavy gauge mild steel plate coated with anti-corrosion epoxy paint.
Capacity : 100 of 1 liter bottles and flasks
Ventilation : Up to 275 m3/hr
Spillage tray capacity : 20 liters

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Special Features
These filter type chemical storage cabinets can be converted to ducted chemical storage cabinets whenever the customer wish to do the conversion due to change of applications, budget constraints (no budget to buy filters) etc. Conversion is done by installing new ducting on the ready made flange on top of the cabinet at minimal cost.

• Fan failure audible and visual alarm
• Date marker
• Sampling port
• Adjustable shelves
• Spillage tray
• Different types of filter for different applications available
• Excellent visual comfort with large doors which allows full view of the stored chemicals
• Constructed of heavy gauge mild steel plate coated with anticorrosion epoxy paint
• Magnetic labeling tags
• Silent operation
• Filter type : SAAFCarb
• Target gas : VOC, Xylene, Benzene, etc
• Filter casing : Stainless steel 304
• Actual size of filter : 345 x 470 x 50 mm
• Prefilter : at both sides
• Filter manufacture : American Air Filter, USA

Optional filter
• Filter for acidic gases
• Filter for ammonia
• Filter for formaldehyde, SO2 and Nox

TypeDouble compartment, double door
Capacity200 one liter bottles and flasks
ApplicationFor the storage of acids, bases or solvents in 2 isolated compartments
Ventilation rateUp to 550 m3/hr
Fan speedAdjustable
Outlet duct diameter4"
Shelf dimensions (mm)718W x 415D x 20H (8 units)
Interior dimensions of each compartments (mm)745W x 470D x 1560H ( Two compartments)
Exterior dimensions (mm)1600W x 605D x 2150H
Spillage tray capacity20 liters (2 units)
Electrical supply220-240 VAC, 50Hz, 0.8A
Weight325 kg