Flask Heater FH-6

Dimensions : 1000 W x 245 D x 140 H
Temperature : Heat up to 550°C
Power : 1800 watt
Electrical : 240 VAC, 50 Hz, 1 phase
Weight : 11 kg
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Flask Heater FH-6
Serial 6-place flask heaters with bowl-shaped heating elements for flasks up to 250 ml capacity. The heating element is contained in a metal shield or reflector. The energy controller for each position can be individually controlled. With power switch, pilot lamp and an excess current cut-off simmerstat. Supplied complete with power cord. Maximum temperature is 550°C. Please order accessories separately for your application.

– Manufactured by a factory certified to ISO 9001 : 2008

– Type Tested To MS IEC 61010-1 : 2006 Standard Electrical Safety Test

Platform Rocker
Flask capacityDesigned for heating of 50-250ml flask
Heating places6
TemperatureHeat up to 550C
Dimension1000W x 245D x 140H mm
Wattage1800 watt
Electrical240VAC, 50Hz, 1 phase
Accessories for Kjeldahl Extraction
SUPH-6 Support holder Kjeldahl flasks (For FH-6)
Accessories for Soxhlet Extraction (For FH-6)
GS-6100 100 ml Glassware set consist of :
Support rods (set of 2 pcs)
Holder with clamps (set of 6 pcs)
Standard glassware set consisting of extractor, condenser and flasks (set of 6 pcs)
GS-6200 As above but for 200 ml flask