Floor Model Laboratory Dryers FDD-720

The Laboratory Dryers are ideal for drying glasswares, instruments, plant or soil samples.

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Features of Floor Model
The FSD-380, FDD-720 and FDD-1000 Laboratory Dryers are constructed of powder coated mild steel and finished throughout in acrylic stove enamel paint. The cabinets are floor standing and mounted on castor wheels for easy transportation. The shelves are removable and be fully adjusted for heights at 0.5 inch gaps.

The heating elements are built in the top cabinet to avoid any possible damage by water dripping from samples. Drying is aided by a heavy duty hot air fan. Drying temperature is set by a dial thermostat. An independent built-in safety thermostat takes over control of Dryer if the control thermostat fails. This prevents destruction of samples.

The glass doors are filled with full length magnetic gaskets or spring loaded catches to ensures that the doors are tightly secured. A sliding mild steel shutter is provided at the top of the cabinet for air ventilation. A six-hour timer is provided as standard. The Dryers are supplied with 4 stainless steel shelves and a two-meter power cable with grounded plug.

• Effective drying – Air circulation assisted by hot air fan.
• Safe operation – No fire hazard as compared to oven drying as drying is effected at lower temperatures.
• Built-in thermal protection.
• Save energy – Timer operation controlled by a 6-hour timer (provided as standard).

Optional item
• Digital temperature display.


TypeFloor model, double-door
Capacity720 litres
Cabinet constructionPowder coated mild steel interior and exterior
TemperatureSet by thermostat from ambient to 70°C
Thermal protectionComplete with independent high temperature limit cut-off thermostat
Air circulationBy hot air fan
Air circulation rate400m³/hr
Air ventAdjustable shutter, provided as standard
Drying durationBy 6-hour timer or continuously on
Electrical loading2 kW
No. of shelves supplied4 units
Shelf dimensions (mm)935W x 480D x 20H
Interior dimensions (mm)995W x 550D x 1365H
Exterior dimensions (mm)1000W x 685D x 1715H
Electrical supply240 VAC, 50 Hz, 8.5A
Weight120 kg