Midea -25°C Biomedical Freezer MD-25L308


Suitable to store vaccines, medicines, laboratory products and reagent/sample for IVD use at -10°C to -25°C.Midea freezers can be used in hospitals, epidemic prevention stations, universities, scientific research institutes. It is strictly prohibited to store flammable and explosive dangerous goods, strong acids, strong alkalis and other corrosive goods.

Equipment: Biomedical freezer
Capacity: 314 litres
Temperature range : -10°C to -25°C. Preset at -20°C. 
Alarm : Power failure alarm, sensor failure alarm, environment temperature alarm, door ajar alarm, high & low temperature alarm

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System Features

  1. LCD Temperature Control Systems
    • Button-type control panel is easy to operate, the temperature and alarm settings can be adjust on the panel.
  2. LBA Forming Technology
    • The world’s leading fourth generation foaming agent more uniform density, better insulation, more energy-saving.
    • More reasonable foaming layer design, larger interior storage space.
  3. Micro-channel condenser
    • Powerful heat dissipation for condenser, heat exchange capacity increase by more than 20% than common copper tube fin condenser.
    • Excellent compressor overheating protection, effectively improve the service life of core parts.
  4. Three-dimensional seal
    • The unique three-dimensional seal, through the double-layer door seal and the multi-layer airbag sealing design, can effectively reduce the leakage of cold air and achieve best thermal insulation performance.

Product structure dataTemperature Range-10°C ~ -25°C
Fridge Storage Volume (L)308L
External MaterialHigh quality coated steel
Internal MaterialHigh quality coated steel
Product Dimensions (mm) (W x D x H)700 x 690 x 1920
Interior Dimensions (mm) (W x D x H)540 x 450 x 1277
Packing Dimensions (mm) (W x D x H)755 x 715 x 2000
Loading Dimensions (mm) (W x D x H)755 x 715 x 2035
Net/Gross Weight (kg)100/112
Loading capacity (40HQ)24/48
Thickness of Foaming Layer (mm)75
Foaming agentCyclopantane
Stacking layers1
Technical dataCooling TypeDirect cooling
Defrost typeManual
Climate ClassN
Rated Voltage/Frequency(V/Hz)220 ~ 240V / 50Hz
Rated Power (W)210
Rated Current (A)1.18
Refrigerant/Amount (g)R290, 110g
ControlDisplayLCD display
Temperature Accuracy0.1°C
Product PerformanceTemperature uniformity/°C≤ 3.5°C
Sound AlarmY
AlarmsLight AlarmY
Power Failure AlarmY
Sensor Failure AlarmY
Environment Temperature AlarmY
Door ajar AlarmY
High Temperature AlarmY
Low Temperature AlarmY
Remote AlarmY
AccessoriesAnti-condensation DoorY
Backup BatteryY
Shelves/Drawers Qty7 drawers
Cable PortY