Cylinder Storage Lockers HSC-12

Capacity : 12 horizontal tanks of 20 or 33 lb LPG
Dimensions : 1260 W x 890 D x 1520 H
Weight : 146 kg

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Features and Benefits
• Designed for storage of compressed gas cylinders and LPG containers.
• Robust construction, all welded heavy gauge steel protects against unauthorised access or removal of the cylinders when stored outside building or in open areas.
• Cylinders stay clear of the ground with strong floor plate for vertical storage locker or heavy duty rack for horizontal storage locker. The lockers doors are equipped with sliding latch which accepts padlock to prevent unauthorised access.
• Wire mesh design of casing provides easy inspection and prevents gaseous build-up any flammable gases. Safety labels are provided for application where appropriate.
• Vertical storage locker is provided with steel chain to hold cylinders in place. Horizontal storage locker has four divider shelves to hold 20 or 33 Ib LPG tanks horizontally

HSC-1212 horizontal tanks of 20 or 33 lb LPG1260 W x 890 D x 1520 H146 kg