Flammable Safety Storage Cabinet (FM Approved) CCI-022-BB-A

• Flammable Safety Storage Cabinet
• 22 gallons
• Double Door
• Supplied with 1 unit of shelf
• FM approved

Flammable Safety Storage Cabinet (FM approved)
• FM approved, meets OSHA regulation & NFPA regulation
• Provides workers and environment optimum safety and quality assurance
• Provides maximum property and asset protection
• Prevents explosion, extension of a fire

Yakos65 Flammable Safety Storage Cabinets

The Yakos65 Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinets are designed for the safety storage of flammable liquid containers. These highly visible and durable yellow powder-coated cabinets features a red “Flammable – Keep Fire Away” warning on the front doors.

These storage cabinet are constructed of double-walled, 18-gauge steel with 38 mm air space efficiently isolates from combustion.

Features include steel piano hinges, three-point lock with paddle handle latch, dual vents with flame arrester, 4 full steel adjustable levelers, leak-tight containment sump for accidental drips and spills.

Steel adjustable shelves with 120kg loading capacity. Front and rear quick safety latch with close integrated shelves and support frame reduces risks of collision.

Safety Practices for Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet

Do not store paper or cardboard or other combustible packaging material in a flammable liquid storage cabinet.

Store only compatible materials inside a cabinet.

No more than 60 gallons (227 litres) of Class 1 flammable liquids (flash point below 100°F) or Class II combustible liquids (flash point between 100°F to 140°F) may be stored in a flammable liquid storage cabinet.

No more than 120 gallons (454 litres) of Class III combustible liquids (flash point between 140°F to 200°F) may be stored in a flammable liquid storage cabinet.

Not recommended for storage of phenol, nitric acid or sulfuric acid.

Advantages of Flammable Safety Storage Cabinets

Better control of flammables, thus eliminating the problem of careless open storage of small container.

Offers a safe means of storage over a short period of time. This is a safe method of storage by locating cabinets in, or adjacent to work areas. It reduces the frequency of trips to the drum storage or dispensing facility.










Capacity22 gallons
No. of shelves supplied1 unit
Interior Dimensions (mm)1332W x 434D x 421H
Exterior dimensions (mm)1415W x 520D x 570H
Door TypeManual, Double Door