Cool Water Recirculators 680-DX

Equipment : Cool Water Recirculator
Cooling capacity : 9376 Kcal/ hr or 32000 BTU/ hr
Water pressure : Up to 145 psi
Flow rate : 50 litres/ minute
Safety feature : with built-in ELCB

• Manufactured by a factory certified to ISO 9001:2015
• Type tested to MS IEC 61010-1:2006 Standard Electrical Safety Test

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Protech’s cool water recirculators are specially designed for the adoption to scientific and laboratory instrumentation applications. These units are completely self-contained, consisting of a hermetically sealed refrigeration compressor, a water tank, a water pump and an electronically automated control system for supply of constant cooling water at the required temperature, pressure and flow rate.

Using refrigerated chillers that use water in a closed circuit offer many advantages over free flowing tap water for cooling instruments/machineries.

There is no need to have a water source and no need for drainage at site. Machine operation is not AFFECTED by water supply.

There is better temperature and pressure control thus improving operation efficiency.

There is no scaling problem as compared to using raw water as the cooling medium. Scaling reduce heat transfer and restrict/block the flow in the system.

Ease of installation/ set-up
• Fill the storage tank.
• Connect the power supply.
• Make the hose connection to the equipment

• Save costs
• Increase productivity
• Eliminate scaling
• Increase flexibility
• Conserve resources

Control Panel
• Controller display
• Mains ON/OFF
• Compressor ON/OFF
• Pump failure lamp
• Compressor failure lamp

• NMR and ESR magnets
• Lasers
• SEM’s – TEM’s
• X-Ray diffraction
• Electron microscopes
• E.D.M
• Diffusion pumps
• Condenser cooling
• Power supplies
• Distilling apparatus
• Evaporating apparatus
• Laboratory use
• Welding
• Machining
• Plastic injection molding machines
• Turbo-molecular pumps
• Rotary evaporators
• Hydraulic machining
• Vacuum system

Cooling capacity9376 Kcal/h or 32000 BTU/h
Compressor motor1.86 KW or 2.50 HP
Bath capacity50 litres
Compressor typeFully hermetic
Refrigerant type404a
Controller typeDigital temperature controller
Temperature control range5 to 25°C
Temperature accuracy± 2°C
Chilled water flow rate L/M50 litres/minute
Water pressure145 psi
Pipe size(inlet/outlet)25/25 mm
Overall dimension (mm)750W x 670D x 1100H
Bath dimensions (mm)435W x 220D x 325H
Lid opening area (mm)408W x 200D
Electrical415 VAC, 50Hz, 34W, 14.3A
Weight180 kg