Stainless Steel Medical Drying Cabinets MDC-440SS

Stainless Steel Medical Drying Cabinets Model MDC-440SS
Type : Floor-standing, single-chamber
Capacity : 440 litres
Cabinet construction : Rust-proof stainless steel interior & exterior, insulated with polyurethane foam on the side and back panels
Electrical supply : 220-240 VAC, 50 Hz, 5A

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Medical Drying Cabinets are designed to dry breathing bags, connector parts, scopes, instruments, metal utensils and other ancillary equipment.
The multi-purpose model MDC-440RSS and MDC-440RSS(PT) has tube-holders to dry anaesthetic tubings and respiratory tubings.

Features and Benefits
• Fan assisted forced air convection system efficient drying and even temperature distribution.
• Polyurethane insulated chamber walls reduce energy wastage.
• Digital PID temperature controller ensures temperature accuracy and operation.
• Adjustable vent facilitates moist air discharge and speed up the drying process.
• Fresh air replenishments avoid any unwanted odour accumulation in cabinet.
• Stainless steel interior and exterior for hygiene and easy maintenance.
• Full length adjustable stainless steel shelves to accommodate loads of various sizes.
• Slide-out tube-holder for easy mounting of respiratory tubes. (Model MDC-440RSS and MDC-440RSS(PT) only).
• Built-in timer function saves energy and enables automatic operation.
• Built-in high temperature safety thermostat and ELCB ensures safety of products and operator.
• High quality workmanship and smart design for easy maintenance and aesthetic appeal.

• Manufactured by an ISO 9001 : 2015 and EN ISO 13485 : 2016 certified company
• CE Marked

• Pass through version with doors on front and back.

Type Floor-standing, single-chamber
Applications Drying of general medical items
Capacity 440 litres
Cabinet ConstructionRust-proof stainless steel interior and exterior, insulated with polyurethane foam on the side and back panels.
Air circulation rate 480 m3/hr
Electrical loading1400 watt
Working temperature range From ambient up to 70oC
Temperature display Digital, display up to 0.1oC
Safety devicesBuilt-in thermostat and ELCB. Fitted with temperature alarm to avoid overheating.
Timer Built-in 999-minutes timer.
Door type Glass door with magnetic gasket for easy viewing of drying stocks.
No. of tube-holders supplied-
No. of shelves supplied 4 units
Shelf dimensions (mm) 605 W x 575 D x 20 H
Interior dimensions (mm) 620 W x 625 D x 1190 H
Exterior dimensions (mm) 880 W x 705 D x 1635 H
Electrical supply 220-240 VAC, 50 Hz, 5A
Weight 124 kg